About us

Born and Raised  in a Small city near Milan. Coming from a country like Italy  surrounded by the old and inspired by the beauty of it , Paolo discovered the love for vintage at a young age in particular his love for Hats.
After many years of collecting and wearing them it wasn't so difficult to find his passion. He found his inspiration by traveling  and living in a city like New York were the old meets the New and discovering how much attention to quality exists in the past, something that nowadays it's very Rare to see .
NTTE (Nada Termina Todo Evoluciona)  which means "Nothing  Ends , Everything Evolves " is part of Paolo journey   to a beautiful spiritual growth were The love for the old give life to the New and the present.
The four dots represents   the elements ( Air , Fire, Water & Earth) use it to deliver  the final result .
Paolo is styling only Quality Vintage Rare  Hats in western weights and every Hat is unique and inspired to a bohemian rock life style cater to rebellious  ROCKERS, free HIPPIES ,adventurous GYPSIES who share the love for travel and the addiction to the Urban Jungle.